Promo360 Bee Field Experience

We created this 360 immersive video experience during the first few weeks of lockdown for local Facebook users unable to leave their homes.

We captured 100s of images above and around fields that’d been planted with a special mix of bee-friendly plants & flowers. We stitched them together to create a series of 360 panoramic high-res images from different angles and views. To make viewing the experience quick and easy for the Facebook users, we decided to convert the experience into a 360 facebook video that auto-plays and also included some of the audio recordings we made of all the bees buzzing around and bird song that filled the air while we were there.

In full bloom, the golden colours of the flowers were amazing against the clear blue sky – the whole field was absolutely packed out with bees of all shapes and sizes. Don’t think they noticed our drone buzzing around, far too busy being busy bees!

360 Social Media
DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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