CREATIVE SOLUTIONS360 & Immersive Experiences

A simple but powerful solution that enables people to virtually experience and explore buildings, location and watch recorded or live events such as weddings, conferences, training sessions and more.


360 is an immersive and engaging video format that give the viewer the freedom to look in any direction as if they were actually there when the filming took place. it sounds great too, with a full 360 of ambisonic sound recording, it can place the user right in the centre of an event, live performance or work place training session, giving them a unique first person perspective and memory of the experience as if they were there.

We create interactive 360 content, so the end user can physically interact with content within the experience, or navigate and explore an environment accessing embedded media or information. It’s a great tool for remote learning and enables people to experience and get a first person perspective of environments or situations virtually, ideally if restricted access or dangerous places or training procedures.
There have been significant enhancements in the performance and cost of VR headsets recently with the Oculus Quest 2 being a great example; a standalone headset that’s very easy to use at an affordable price. We create rich 8k 360 VR content for devices like these, high resolution experiences with 360 surround sound, and where you can even use your own hands to interact and navigate the content.

360 & IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES360 Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are no longer restricted to Google Maps style point, click and move experiences. Yes, we can and do provide rich high-res interactive virtual tours that sequence 360 images together to virtually represent a building or place for user sot explore, but 360 video is something else.

For exampe, we can film 360 time-lapse videos to showcase views and locations from a hotel or holiday-let, capturing the views at day & night, the sun setting or rising from a balcony view. It’s a fantastic form of media with great potential whic has an instant impact, ideal for Facebook posts engagement, etc.


Our primary 360 camera is the Insta360 Pro 2, we use a Farsight video transmission system with this which enables use to monitor and control the camera out of sight up to 300m on the ground and 500m when attached to a drone. Surround sound is captured using an ambisonic 360 mic and the 8k Pro-Res footage can be rendered for 3D stereoscopic or mono 360 viewing formats. It’s a great solution for VR filmmaking and VR headset video content.

360 & IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCESLive Streaming Events in 360

The impact of social distancing and restricted access at events such as weddings or live performances has resulted in people not being able to see or experience things they would normally have, or wanted to. We provide a solution for live 360 streams and recordings of events, meaning that if someone is not able to physically attend, they can still experience it from a first person perspective virtually.

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